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"Just heard you guys at the SEF Pig Roast in Springfield. Wonderful, uplifting, very familiar old surf and new music with spot renditions. Looks like the band had a great time playing together as well."

John Halgren | June 27, 2020

"We brought Men From SURF to Tiki Kon for the first time this year, to play both in our vending hall and at our big outdoor finale party. The guys are talented professionals that nail the 1960s surf vibe perfectly. It was a great fit for both spots in our weekend lineup, and every time I looked over, guests were dancing and having a great time. Men from SURF hits that sweet spot of versatility with music that is both fun and dance-able, and also not too loud or aggressive to prevent socializing in more intimate settings. We will have them back at Tiki Kon again!"

Greg Clapp, Tiki Kon Producer, Portland, OR | July 05, 2017

"Great show at the Pink Feather in Portland. our first time but definitely not our last."

John Robinson | February 21, 2017

"I attended the show in Cottage Grove last night. It was fabulous. If you have not seen this group, you should. All the musicians are excellent and the music is uplifting."

Mary Ellen Yost | November 26, 2016

"I've had a couple of listens to Men from Surf! Way cool, and soooooo clean. Very nice and thanks for sending it. I give it 10 thumbs up as I am all thumbs. Looking forward to hearing your take on Nicholl Beer. Best Reverbs, and thanks again!"

Eddie Katcher | August 29, 2015

"Had a blast Saturday night, along with my roommate at One Summer Night, August 1, 2015. I'm thankful he had been listening to KKNX Radio 84 a few days beforehand, to know that it was coming up. If the link works, you can find the photos and videos here:"

Brian 'GizmoDuck' Hartwig | August 05, 2015

"Thanks for giving CG one hell of a good show last night. One of the best street dances yet! A pleasure working with y'all."

Cameron Reiten - KNND Radio | July 27, 2015

"You didn't know it but I was celebrating my birthday today and had to come listen to you guys play again. I'm a Beach Boy kid at heart at 59 now. You guys helped finish the day off perfectly with your songs. Thank you for a great concert in the park."

Brenda Wood-Dailey | July 23, 2015

"If you like surf music, and who doesn't, these are the guys to see. Fun,fun,fun.... We have seen them at Creswell Coffee Company several times and always enjoy them! Great musicians who can really rock!"

Mitch Albert aka... MA Beat | July 20, 2015

"Good on you Played drums and covered vocals in a surf band in the eighties. A huge hit with all kinds of gigs. Knocked out to see it come back around. Your audience must love you guys. Miserlou baby!"

Brian Mac | January 26, 2015

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